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Dr. Paul Steigerwald - PeriodontistBecause of his many years of experience and affiliation with professors and academic institutions, Dr. Steigerwald has been involved in many of the techniques and innovations that are commonly used for successful implant dentistry today.

Dr. Steigerwald is a continuing education provider for the California Dental Association and the director of a local study club for dentists that focuses on diagnosis and treatment planning of complex restorative cases.

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Dr. Paul Steigerwalds practice, Wine Country Periodontics and Implantology, has offices in both Santa Rosa and Ukiah.

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Dr. Paul Steigerwald - PeriodontistI grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and recall an incident when I was 11 and had to go to the dentist. As the dentist meticulously repaired my tooth and the assistant systematically handed him the tools I thought to myself This is what I want to do when I grow up. I must have mentioned that to the dentist because 36 years later at my Grandmother’s funeral this distinguished older gentleman came up to me and asked if I was a dentist. I said Yes, why do you ask? He told me he was a retired dentist and he remembers my comment as a young child about wanting to become a dentist. We both had a laugh and thought how events in our life influence our future decisions.

After graduating from Ohio State School of Dentistry I decided to pursue a specialty career in Periodontics and Implantology. I liked the camaraderie of working with other dental professionals, the continuing education challenge and the procedures that are performed. My residency took me to New York City where I learned a lot about culture and society but even more about periodontics.

While in New York City I met a young lady named Cheryl. Cheryl is now my wife. At that time she was a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines. Cheryl is from Tucson and was missing the West. I was up for the adventure so in 1987 we moved to Northern California and got married. We now have three children. Cheryl has since retired from the airlines to raise our three children.

I have treated many patients over the years. One that stands out is an elderly woman who had an old bridge that decayed and had to be removed. She lost most of her teeth with that bridge.I spent a lot of time getting to know her and empathizing with her problem. She finally said Son, Im 80 years old and I have had teeth my whole life.

I dont want a denture now. We utilized dental implants to rebuild her smile. She was positively thrilled by the result. I saw her at age 88 and her beautiful smile and attitude keeps her looking and feeling young.

This just goes to show you that periodontal and implant care is more than teeth. My job is about solutions to real life problems. My job is to help coach, teach and motivate people to better health and a better quality of life.

I suppose I should say that the practice has had its ups and downs over the years. But, truth be told, its been mostly ups. We also have had a lot of laughs like the time I went into the reception room and asked the patients husband to come into the consultation room. He seemed a little reluctant but he dutifully followed me into the consultation room. I explained the proposed treatment to the patient and to the gentleman I had brought in. I asked her Would you like to talk to your husband about this? She said Yes, but this man is not my husband. It turns out his wife was in a hygiene room and the patient’s husband was at home.

I am always learning more about my profession through my interactions with patients and referring doctors. I am the director of a study club that is made up of a national network of doctors who are dedicated to continuing education. The name of the group is the Seattle Study Club. Our local chapter of dentists get together six to eight times a year to share ideas on how to treat cases and improve patients oral health and quality of life.

So thats my story. If you think we can provide solutions to your problems please contact us. We are open for new patients whether they are referred from another office or self referred.