Sedation Dentistry: Your Route to Relaxation

Are you someone who is anxious or fearful about dental treatment and even worries about it all the time? In Part One of this series, Comfortable Dentistry in the 21st Century “Overcoming Fear and Anxiety” we discussed how you can learn to overcome and cope with these negative emotions and become comfortable with modern dentistry so that you really do have the opportunity to have a “Lifetime of Dental Health.”

While it might take some faith in the beginning to realize that this is possible, Dear Doctor describes exactly how to develop a relationship with the right dentist promoting:

-Open discussion of your fears and experiences in a calm and safe environment;

-The listening relationship that you need to feel safe and in which you have the time you need to go at your own pace;

-Ultimately allowing you to develop the sense of control you need to reduce automatic anxiety responses.

Part Two bridges the gap to the next step in making your dental visits even more comfortable with the help of oral sedation or anti-anxiety medication. These oral sedatives or “anxiolytics” (dissolve anxiety) are administered by mouth (orally) to help transition you from anxiety to comfortable dental procedures.

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